I’m a thirty-something mom-of-two, who decided to channel my love of writing and random thoughts into a blog. I’ve worked in change management consulting, human resources, organisational communication, recruitment advertising, employer branding and as a freelance writer (anything from diplomatically worded letters, advertorials and press releases to cryptic clues and crosswords for media treasure hunts). As I mentioned, I’m also a mom and together with my career-related experience I’ve used words. A lot.

I love travel, which is a good thing since we switched hemispheres (and three months of winter for three months of summer) to be closer to the hub of the organisation my husband works for, and this gives me a lot of material to write about. Prepare to laugh at my expense.

Now and again I might write about my children because they give me even more material. Since I have either an overactive imagination or a latent criminal mind, I am overly cautious about what I say about them online and so, for the purposes of the blog, I will pseudo-name them Sheila and Guy. It doesn’t matter what they’re called in real life because I guarantee you that no matter what or how I call them, they will still go ahead with whatever they’re doing. What I say makes no difference to them.

Now and again my husband might feature, but I don’t want to push my luck since he’s in charge of my wifi connection and I need to keep my apples sweet.

If I tell you any more about myself, I won’t have anything to write about. So, go on and have a read…

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